The Scott Berroth Memorial Cruise

The group will leave at 10:00 am from the parking lot of the Wabaunsee County Courthouse. 

The route for the 2022 Cruise is the same as it has been the last couple of years.  Head out to Alta Vista via Old K10 Rd, you will be able to stop at the re-stored Volland Store or visit the restored Volland Schoolhouse along the way.  In Alta Vista you can park and enjoy the city park or their vintage store.  For the route back to Alma, you can take K4 and Hwy 99 or return the same way you went on Old K10.  Our food vendors will be set up and ready to serve you lunch when you return.

***Please note:  Due to the number of cars we are expecting, there will be no saving of parking spots for the event on main street.  Cars will be parked as they register that day, so please plan accordingly.  If you are part of a group, please arrive together so that you may all park together.  The saving of parking spots for others who arrive later will not be allowed. 

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